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Dental Implant Vs. Bridge

Both dental implants and ceramic dental bridges provide good options for patients with individual missing teeth. On this page, we cover some of the advantages and disadvantages of each. Lowell dentist Dr. Szarek can help patients evaluate their individual needs and choose the best treatment for their situation.

Advantages of dental implants

  • Requires no preparation of adjacent teeth. Dental bridges will require a crown on adjacent teeth.
    If the teeth bordering a dental bridge later require dental work themselves, it will likely require replacement of the entire bridge.
  • Placement of a dental implant helps conserve the underlying jawbone beneath the missing tooth. This is a particular concern if the missing tooth is in the front of the mouth. Lack of a root form will lead to bone resorption which can give a sunken appearance at the gum.
  • Dental implants can be used to replace multiple missing teeth and can even be used instead of a full set of removable dentures.

Advantages of dental bridges

  • Bridges are usually slightly less expensive than dental implants.
  • They do not require oral surgery and the longer healing time associated with a dental implant.
  • If the teeth next to the missing tooth already need dental crowns, it makes more sense to go ahead and place a bridge to replace the missing tooth in between.

Dental bridge or dental implant — Which is right for you?

There is no quick answer to that question. Your budget, medical history, and preference all have a role in deciding which treatment is best for your case. After an exam from Dr. Szarek, the options available to you can be discussed. Dr. Szarek will make recommendations based on your individual case, and the decision is ultimately yours. Call us at 978-454-9332 to schedule an appointment, or request an appointment online.

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